Is Jungle Scout Available for UK Sellers?

Jungle Scout supports 17 Amazon marketplaces, and one of the most prominent marketplaces is Amazon UK. Luckily, Jungle Scout offers full support and access to its tools for European sellers from the UK. 

You can also connect your account with Jungle Scout to automate your heavy workloads and repetitive tasks. But is it priced the same?

Let’s explore Jungle Scout’s offerings for Amazon UK sellers, pricing, and the set process in more detail. 

Jungle Scout UK – Quick Summary

  • Jungle Scout is available and accessible for Amazon sellers in the UK. It allows you to connect your seller account.
  • While some features, such as ‘Category Trends’ and ‘Supplier Database,’ are not yet available for the UK market, the vast majority of Jungle Scout’s capabilities are at your fingertips.
  • Integrating your Amazon UK account with Jungle Scout lets you streamline your operations and gain valuable insights to drive your growth.
  • Jungle Scout’s pricing for the UK market is the same as its global offerings, starting at $49/month

Jungle Scout Tools Availability And Limitations For Amazon UK

Jungle Scout offers a comprehensive set of tools for Amazon sellers in the UK, as seen in the image below:

Jungle Scout Tools Availability For Amazon UK
Source: Jungle Scout Help Center

1. Home Dashboard: Gives you a central overview of your key Amazon UK business metrics, like sales, rankings, and product performance.

2. Sales Estimator: Forecasts the sales potential of products before you invest, helping inform your business decisions.

3. Listing Grader: Analyzes your product listings and provides recommendations to improve their visibility and conversion on Amazon UK.

4. Review Analysis: Surfaces insights from customer reviews to identify areas for improving your products and listings.

5. Product Tracker: Monitors the performance of your products on Amazon UK, tracking critical data points over time.

6. Product Database: Provides access to a comprehensive catalog of products sold on Amazon UK to aid your research.

7. Opportunity Finder: Identifies profitable product ideas based on market demand and competition levels in the UK.

8. Keyword Scout: Enables thorough keyword research to optimize the visibility of your Amazon UK product listings.

9. Keyword Lists: This lets you create and manage custom keyword lists tailored to your Amazon UK products.

10. Listing Builder: Streamlines the process of creating optimized, high-converting product listings for Amazon UK.

11. Review Automation: This helps you efficiently manage customer reviews for your Amazon UK products.

12. Profit Overview: Delivers insights into the profitability and revenue of your individual Amazon UK offerings.

13. P&L Statement: Gives you a detailed profit and loss overview for your entire Amazon UK business.

14. Advertising Analytics: Analyzes the performance of your Amazon advertising campaigns in the UK market.

15. Inventory Manager: Allows you to track and manage your product inventory levels on the Amazon UK platform.

16. Product Settings & Costs: This enables you to customize product-level settings and costs for your Amazon UK business.

The notable limitations for the UK market include the absence of the Category Trends and Supplier Database tools. However, Jungle Scout continues to expand its offerings, and these features may become available in the future.

How To Get Started With Jungle Scout UK?

Getting started with Jungle Scout for your Amazon UK business is a straightforward process involving 4 steps:

Step 1. Click the “Sign Up” button after visiting the Jungle Scout website.

Jungle Scout Website

Step 2. Pick between the Starter, Growth Accelerator, or Brand Owner Jungle Scout package, depending on which one best fits your needs.

Jungle Scout Package
Source: Jungle Scout

Step 3. Proceed by clicking “Next” after providing your email address and creating a password.

Create Your Account
Source: Jungle Scout

Step 4. Click “Create Your Account” to finish the sign-up procedure after entering your payment details.

Enter Your Payment Details
Source: Jungle Scout

Once your payment is completed, you will land on your Jungle Scout dashboard from where you can access all the available tools. 

Connecting Amazon UK Seller Account with Jungle Scout

To unlock the full potential of Jungle Scout, you’ll need to integrate your seller account with your Jungle Scout account. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Click “Connect an Amazon Account” after logging into your Jungle Scout account.

Select Connect To Amazon

Step 2. To start the integration process, click “Get Started!” in the pop-up window.

Click Get Started Button
Source: Jungle Scout

Step 3. Choose “United Kingdom” as the marketplace and “Europe” as the region.

Choose United Kingdom
Source: Jungle Scout

Step 4. After entering your email address and giving your account a nickname, click “Authenticate Account Creation.”

Click Authenticate Account Creation
Source: Jungle Scout

Step 5. Proceed with the remaining steps to finish the integration, which include completing the synchronization procedure and, if necessary, connecting your PPC account.

Once the integration is complete, you’ll be able to access all the Jungle Scout tools and features that are available for the Amazon UK marketplace, giving you a comprehensive view of your business and the ability to make data-driven decisions.

Can You Use Jungle Scout Browser Extension for Amazon UK?

The Jungle Scout browser extension is accessible and fully functional for Amazon UK sellers. 

Jungle Scout Browser Extension
Source: Jungle Scout

This useful tool allows you to conduct product research, analyze listings, and gather valuable insights directly on the Amazon UK website, streamlining your workflow and decision-making process.

Jungle Scout UK Price

Jungle Scout offers the same pricing structure for UK users as it does for other regions. However, they have made significant changes in their recent pricing plans.

The available plans and their corresponding costs are as follows:

PlanMonthly PriceAnnual Price
Growth Accelerator$79$588
Brand Owner$199$1,548
Jungle Scout UK Price
Source: Jungle Scout

However, their 7-day money-back guarantee and annual discounts are still on the board. So, UK sellers can take advantage of these offers. 

Which Plan Should You Choose?

Jungle Scout’s Growth Accelerator is one of the most popular plans, and the reason is its accessibility to all the advanced features. The Starter plan may be good for beginners but it doesn’t offer access to its full suite. Even if you are a beginner, you may need access to advanced tools to grow better at one time. 

With Growth Accelerator’s balanced features, both beginners and intermediate sellers can advance in their respective Amazon marketplace. 

The Brand Owner plan is the ultimate plan of Jungle Scout, so it is obvious to have the maximum features. As the name says, it is great for private-label sellers and brand owners with high sales volume every month. 

Can You Sell Globally With Jungle Scout UK?

One of the main benefits of using Jungle Scout as an Amazon seller in the UK is the ability to sell on different marketplaces. 

With Jungle Scout, you can connect to and manage your Amazon accounts across multiple international markets, including the US, Canada, Mexico, and the major European countries. However, the tools and features of the marketplace might differ slightly from those of other regional versions.

Because of this flexibility, merchants in the UK can reach a wider audience and take advantage of Jungle Scout’s features to quickly identify new prospects, automate cross-border operations, and accelerate their international growth. 

Jungle Scout Alternatives For Amazon UK Sellers

While Jungle Scout is a powerful and comprehensive tool for Amazon sellers in the UK, there are a few alternatives worth considering:

  1. Helium 10: A popular Amazon seller toolset that offers a wide range of features, including product research, keyword analysis, and advertising optimization. The pricing of the toolkit starts at $39/month.
  2. ZonGuru: Another all-in-one Amazon seller tool that focuses on product research, listing optimization, and sales forecasting. This alternative’s pricing starts from $49/month with a 7-day free trial on its plans.
  3. AMZScout: A suite of tools designed to help Amazon sellers with product research, competitor analysis, and PPC management. The monthly pricing of AMZScout is $49.99/month, with the option to purchase lifetime plans. 

These alternatives may offer slightly different features or pricing structures, so it’s worth evaluating them to determine which one best fits your Amazon UK business needs and budget.

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Conclusion: Jungle Scout Can Be Used In The UK!

Using Jungle Scout to grow your Amazon business into the UK is a smart step that can lead to a plethora of new opportunities. 

With the majority of Jungle Scout’s powerful tools and features available for the UK marketplace, you can streamline your operations, gain valuable insights, and drive your growth in this lucrative e-commerce market.

Jungle Scout offers all the resources and assistance you require to be successful, regardless of your level of experience with Amazon selling and your desire to broaden your customer base. 

So why hold off? To grow your Amazon UK business to new heights, start utilizing Jungle Scout!

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